7 months

September 23, 2016

 photo vsco-photo-4-4_zpsdlfb8ebg.jpg we are five months away from being ONE. i can’t believe we are seven months old today. you guys, SEVEN MONTHS OLD. when did that even happen? gosh. i know i say this every month, but really, where did seven months go? time goes a billion times faster with the second kid. i really hate it.

size: you’re 18lbs and 29.5 inches. you’re so much bigger than your big brother was at this age. it’s pretty crazy, honestly. i love it, though.

feeding: you’re both right now — bottle and breast. i love it. i love both worlds. you’re funny about breastfeeding, though. you only breastfeed at night, early in the morning when it’s just us, and in the shower. you refuse…i mean REFUSE to breastfeed during the day. i don’t know why. i don’t know if it’s because i don’t have much, but you’re like — whatever forever about it. i guess that’s okay.

you’re really not into food yet. which is totally okay with me. you’re definitely different from your brother, but i know once you start to eat…you will not turn back. haha.

– crawling.
– crawl position to sitting up.
– saying dada
– waking up once to feed/eat.
– clapping.

– playing with your brother.
– mimi from school.
– chance the rapper.
– suavemente.
– one on one moments with mommy.
– walks.
– nylon licking you.

– not being able to be fully mobile.

things i noticed with you vs your brother:
you’re a lot quieter than your brother. that’s for sure.

fitness life

September 19, 2016

 photo vsco-photo-2-10_zpsc97kvi5m.jpg so lately i have been having this fitness itch, and when i say fitness itch i mean getting back into shape. i want and need this for myself. no, i don’t think i’m fat or whatever. i just know that i can do better. i know that i need to workout to feel healthier, more energized, and most importantly…feel better about myself. i am almost seven months postpartum and i need a change. i feel sluggish most of my days, and i hate that feeling. i want to feel stronger and have more energy for my boys, my husband, and for myself. i decided to started the kayla itnes app. i’ve heard nothing but great things. i’ve seen nothing but great results. so let’s see how i do with this.

want to know the crazy part of this whole thing?! i have to wake up super early to go workout. i mean, i don’t have to, but i want to. i want to workout in the morning so that i have my evenings with my family. i know it’s going to be a huge adjustment for me, but i’m up for the challenge. anyways, if you want to follow along add my fitness page on instagram — sybshealthyvibes.

these two

September 9, 2016

 photo vsco-photo-3-6_zpscui6qmjg.jpg you guys, this little bundle of joy is 100000% micah’s carbon copy. it is so crazy HOW much thurman looks like micah right now. i honestly love it so much (even though i’m a little jealous over it). i can’t wait to see how much he grows and changes these next few months.