our first day

August 30, 2016

 photo vsco-photo-3-4_zpsmg8hgubj.jpg today was a bittersweet day. today i started working again. i mean, lets be real…being a mama is a FULL TIME JOB. but today was different — today i started a new chapter. i’m now full time working mama.

if you follow me on facebook and instagram …then you know that my job allows me to bring thurman with me. what most may not know is that thurman actually gets to BE WITH ME — aka: in my class. it’s so nice and i’m so excited that i found a job that allows that. not only am i able to love on other babies, but i’m able to love on my baby too. i can’t wait to start sharing with you guys my experience with waldorf and working with babies again. thurman did such a great job. he was a little suspect when it came to me holding other babies, but hopefully he gets used to that. i mean, he kind of has to. haha.

 photo vsco-photo-2-7_zpsdpb74vq6.jpg

6 months

August 23, 2016

 photo vsco-photo-1-5_zpsu4fmwjgv.jpg welp…just like that…we’re wishing this kiddo a happy half birthday today. can you believe it? this little chunk is 6 months old today. today, on a tuesday, this little monkey of mine was born. gah. i can’t even wrap my head around that. six amazing months with this little sweet baby.

size: we didn’t take thurman to his 6 month appointment yet, but he did have to go to the doctor the other day. he’s about 17.5lbs. he definitely lost some weight because he was sick. i wonder how much he will weigh whenever i take him to the doctor in the next 3 weeks.

feeding: we are still formula feeding, but i have been able to relactate. it’s been super crazy, but he will nurse on me randomly. which is super awesome. i want to try to see if i can EBF, but right now i’m just giving myself mini goals to not stress myself out.

we are doing some baby led weaning. he isn’t really into food yet. only wants his milk, but that’s fine with me. ronin was already wanting food, but thurman is the total opposite. which again, is totally fine with me.

– rolling from back to belly belly to back.
– sitting up.
– saying mama and bubba (well, it sounds like it haha).
– slept 8 hours straight.
– taking 2 hour naps.
– falling asleep on your own.
– lifts to knees and hands (trying to crawl).
– two bottom teeth.

– snuggles with mama.
– kisses.
– when we sing to you.
– when your brother plays with you.
– drinking water.
– reading books to you.
– sleeping on your brothers bed.

– getting your diaper changed (you try to roll over).
– not being able to be mobile.

things i noticed with you vs your brother:
you are still super calm. you’re an observer. you enjoy your sleep. you roll over whenever someone is changing you — your brother NEVER did that.

first day of school

August 22, 2016

 photo vsco-photo-2-9_zpsfljswcwt.jpg this kiddo had an amazing first day of school. he was definitely a little hesitant in going back, but today he came back saying — “i want to go back to kindergarten tomorrow!” i can’t wait to see this sweet boy flourish in school. i just know he’s going to have an amazingly wonderful year.

this little boy definitely missed his little brother, though. he was so ready to hug & kiss him. i think he chatted with him for a GOOD 45 minutes. haha. i love how much he loves his brother.

 photo vsco-photo-1-6_zps6kylkpnb.jpg