Palm Springs 3

    Oh my goodness! I know I’ve been a bit silent over here but I was deep into my workshop in Cali last week and it was all super chaotic over there. And I just honestly wanted to decompress and soak it all in, while actually being in it vs afterwards.

    Don’t worry guys, this is my last post on the Palm Springs series. If you want to see the other two you can click here and here. If you’re curious about our last day, then keep on reading and enjoy all our awesome photos…

    The first part of our trip we decided to hike a little bit up the Indian Canyon – holy smokes it hot (even though there were really cool parts), but man, the scenery was absolutely stunning. I really wish we would have been properly prepared for this hike so that we could have hiked longer. We forgot water bottles, I wasn’t really dressed for hiking, we didn’t wear the right shoes, and I honestly should have brought my Ergo to carry Thurman.

    Pushing an umbrella stroller was HELL.

    After an hour or so of hiking we decided to head to Moorten Botanical Garden to check out some beautiful cacti. If you’re ever in Palm Springs and want to do something fun and cheap with the family (or even if you’re alone or with your significant other), go check this place out! It is super pretty and cute, and all around fun. I wish I could have purchased some plants to fly home with me.

    I’m probably going to say this more than once, but I’m so proud of my kids. I know that their life was completely flipped upside with their schedule and they totally pulled through for us – especially Thurman. They both didn’t even complain or anything like that, and it was super hot most days for them.

    I wish I would have taken more photos of this place. Ugh.

    A family event.

    Well, originally this post was going to be part 3 of our Palm Springs trip, but then I came across this gem of a photo. I thought to myself, “man, I need to write up a special post about this picture.” I have a lot of “favorite” photos from this trip, but this one is definitely on my top five list. We have some cute photos together throughout the years, but we haven’t been on vacation together, just the three of us, since 1997 (or something like that). Shit.

    That’s like…twenty years.

    Any ways, I don’t want to get all deep and emotional on this post (I’ll leaved it for next time), but it was amazing experiencing some of these moments with these two amazing humans. We made a promise to go on more family trips together, because that needs to happen more often than not.

    I love these two beautiful souls so freaking much, ugh. They both drive me crazy at times, but man, we have been through so much together – just us three, the three amigos. I am so proud to be her daughter and so proud to be his sister.

    Fun Fact Friday.

    I don’t know if this will be some sort of every Friday thing, or if I will just do this once or twice. Shoot, I don’t know if I’ll make a list of facts or just share one, but I thought this could be fun and a good change of pace for my blog. No, Fun Fact Friday won’t only be about me – it will be about other stuff, too. If you want to join and share – comment below, link me, or tag me on Instagram with your fact(s).

    1. I’m an extremely awkward in person (whenever we first meet) and in photos (hence the photo I’m sharing with you). You can also throw in me being quiet and shy – which leads to the whole “you’re a stuck up bitch” comments. I’m not always this way, though, promise.

    2. I like to dance and sing (even though I’m not the best singer in the world, my kids thing I am), and 1000% think it’s the cure to everything.

    3. I have to rub my feet together before falling asleep. It’s either that or I have to snuggle them under Micah’s feet – which he hates. Whoops.

    4. I’m stubborn as hell, but also so passive in so many ways it’s insane.

    5. I literally could eat my weight in sushi and macarons (some of you already know this, though).