happy halloweenie

October 31, 2016

 photo vsco-photo-1-8_zpsusofpvqt.jpg happy freakin halloween y’all. i am (was) so excited about this years costume. this year we went with a family theme type costume and i think it was a total hit. if i’m being totally honest, i think we will forever (well, i hope) be doing family type theme costumes from now on. i don’t know why we didn’t do it from the get go. haha.

ronin is already thinking of new costume ideas for NEXT YEAR.

 photo vsco-photo-3-7_zpspf8qq4jr.jpg
this years theme was bride of frankenstein, frankenstein, and two sweet mummy babes. i thrifted my outfit and micah’s for ten smack-o-roos. i bought tights, white onesies and a tee for the boys and ripped up a white bed spread and then soaked all the items in some tea water. makeup done by me! haha. it was simple but so fun and we made a ton of memories.

 photo vsco-photo-2-10_zpsusl0byir.jpg
i wish i would have gotten more photos of the boys together but thurman was an actual crank-a-lank and i knew his clock was ticking. haha. it’s super rare for thurman to be moody, but whenever he’s moody, watch the f out! i’m just glad that we got the photos that we got and that my parents were able to join.

oh, and speaking of my parents, look how freaking cute my mom is you guys…

 photo vsco-photo-3-6_zpsguzui9ru.jpg  photo vsco-photo-2-11_zpsh08zxbxs.jpg
till next year friends.

8 months

October 26, 2016

 photo vsco-photo-1-7_zpsmnujf0na.jpg holy shit! we are FOUR months away from the ONE YEAR marker. i feel like i should semi start planning this sweet cheeks first birthday. wow wow wow. how are we four months away from being ONE?! HOW HOW HOW?

size: 19lbs and i don’t know how long yet. again, so much bigger than your brother. ronin was 19lbs on his first birthday. haha.

feeding: you’re doing both, & you’re finally eating food. you won’t eat baby food, though. you all the food we’ve given you. you’re such a big boy.

– pulling yourself up
– bear crawl
– eating food
– saying bye

– playing in your brothers room
– playing with your brothers toys
– mimi’s classroom
– when nini sings to you
– cuddling with mama
– going on walks

– when your brother takes a toy away

things i noticed with you vs your brother:
you’re still calmer