Never regret a day in your life: good days give you happiness, bad days give you experience, worse days give you lessons, and best days give you memories.

    Lately, I have been noticing more and more people talking about how they are journaling things that they’re grateful for, and that had me thinking about what I do in my bullet journal (that is half made, haha!). Awhile back, when things were really falling apart for me, someone mentioned focusing on things that I am grateful for; showing more gratitude towards things and that if I started doing that, things would come full circle for me. I remember my jaw dropping to the ground and the light bulb feature going off in my head.

    Of course, I think we are all grateful for things in our life but I think most of the times we stray from that path. It is so easy to get stuck in the mud of negativity that we forget to focus on the really important things that we should be grateful for. There are so many things that I KNOW I should be grateful for but I allow it to just fall to my feet with zero lookbacks. And if I am being totally transparent, I don’t think I have ever truly FOCUSED on gratitude like I have been lately.

    Today’s gratitude; two things I’m grateful for: (this will definitely be longer than what I write down in a journal)

    g>one/ Staying home
    I know that staying home is a luxury and more often than that, I take this opportunity to stay home with my youngest (and also be on call for my oldest) for granted. So today I am extra grateful for the opportunity to stay home with my babes. We get to snuggle and watch movies together, play cars and build cities with Legos, we get to read and eat all the yummy snacks, go to the park and visit the animals at the zoo, we get to do whatever we want… together. When Thurman naps, I can read a book, focus on blog stuff, cook, clean more, nap, watch a tv series, craft, etc. If Ronin is sick or needs a “sick” day, I can make that happen; I can visit him during lunch, go on field trips, and programs. I can be there for Micah more, which I love; we can do lunch dates, haha! I can also focus on myself and the things I need to work on (which is a plus). Again, I know that staying home full time with my family is a luxury and even though I may have taken it for granted more often than not – I am beyond grateful to stay home.

    Also, I get kisses and hugs ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

    two/ Friendships
    Today (and every single day) I am grateful for the friendships that I have in my life – for the men and women. I still have strong bonds with friends from kindergarten, sixth grade, and high school – those “drop anything and everything to be there for you” types of friendships. I have made incredible friendships in my twenties (and even at 30); met one of my BEST friends through Instagram (and some other amazing mamas!). These humans have seen me through my darkest hours, shady moments, lowest points and STILL manage to love me fully and completely. They shoot me straight and tell me if I’m being dramatic or help me see another side if I don’t allow myself to fully step out of the box. When I told them about some things I wasn’t too proud of what happened the past few months, they didn’t judge or leave me but wrapped their arms around me and gave me the love I needed at that moment. It’s hard to find friends who will TRULY stick by you when you’ve hit rock bottom and lost parts of yourself; to find friends who will help guide back to the path where you need and WANT to be on. These incredible humans, they’ve been there through my high points and cheered me one with loving hearts and big smiles.

    Even though I am so grateful to have these friends standing by me through my best moments; I’m even MORE grateful that they stick by me through the HARD gross times. I’m grateful that they see my heart, my truth.

    Side note: you don’t have to bullet journal to write things that you’re grateful for; you can download Grateful: A Gratitude Journal (free!) or The Five Minute Journal ($4.99), or you can purchase The Five Minute Journal book here. You can also just grab a journal from where and write in there, too. Shoot, you can write it on a piece of paper or on the note app on whatever phone device you have. I prefer pen to paper but I get that it may just be easier for some to use an app.

    I totally would love for this to be some little series I do on my blog, but I honestly don’t know how often I want to share. But I’ll try to share more and often, and it won’t be AS long, haha.


    9/52 A Weekly Portrait Of My Children.

    Ronin, age 6: starts playing soccer today (when did he get so big?).
    Thurman, age 23 months: TURNING TWO IN FOUR DAYS.

    I really suck at the 52 week challenge, haha.

    Friday Favorites

    So a few days ago I made a poll on my Instagram stories asking you guys what you’d want to see more of on my blog and well, Friday Favorites won. I’m excited to share some of the things that I’m currently obsessing over.

    01 / Riverdale
    Micah and I (mainly me – Jughead and Betty) have been obsessing over Riverdale. I could seriously watch this series over and over again. And honestly, probably will. No shame.

    02 / Fiddle Fig Tree
    Fun Fact: I’m a Cacti person. I dominate in that department and on top of all that… I have never really owned a plant outside of that group. But, I decided to purchase my “first” plant – Fiddle Fig Tree. I’m obsessed and crossing my fingers that I really do have a green thumb. Wish me luck.

    03 / CRRNT FVS
    Basically, I’m in love with my playlist that I made on Spotify. I can’t stop listening.

    04 / Big Little Lies
    I know, I know. I’m late to the party but I’m really loving this book and I cannot wait till I’m done reading it so I can start the series. Again, I know I’m super late to the party.

    05/ Leesa
    You guys! I (we) am obsessed with our new mattress from Lessa. It is seriously the comfiest and my sleep (for the most part) has totally improved. Thank you West Elm, and thank you, husband!