I’m sure some of you are wondering why the title of this post is called “Spit Cycle.”

    Well… two words: Mutton Bustin.

    Micah surprised both the boys and me by taking today and tomorrow “off” (he is working off/on from home the next two days!). So, of course, we took advantage of the situation and decided to take our monsters to the carnival. We ate yummy Rodeo food, Ronin rode some rides (poor Thurman was still too small) and took a chance by signing Ro up for an event that is super popular here at the Houston Rodeo.

    To be totally honest, I had super mixed feelings – I really didn’t know if Ro would do it. Ronin can be super weird when it comes to fast things (he’s not a thrill seeker when it comes to heights or super fast rollercoasters). So this was a total toss up for him and us. We kept reassuring him that it wasn’t “super” fast and that he would have a lot of fun but if he decided he didn’t want to do it, he didn’t have to and that we were proud of him either way.

    Micah stayed with Thurman in the stands while I stayed back with Ro. Let’s just say this, the kid wasn’t as hyper and talkative like he normally is 100% of the time – aka: he was extremely nervous. Every time a child went on and they had to scoot over I would ask him, “what do we do?” And he’d answer with a big, but semi-nervous smile, “we hold on tight and don’t let go.”

    I remember when the girl in front of him was going on and he was talking to one of the people of all the things he needs to do and just reassuring him – his face looked so determined and I had this anxiety feeling for him. I knew he could do but I was just so anxious for him in general. He was being brave and overcoming something big FOR HIMSELF.

    You guys! He freaking did it. He held on tight and didn’t let go till he absolutely had to. He was beaming and looked so proud. Ugh. I was shaking and crying. Ronin will be SEVEN in THREE weeks. This kid rode a sheep named Spit Cycle and got a 93. He said he loved bull riding, snocones, the pigs, and wanted to grow up to be a scientist.

    We’re bummed that we didn’t know we could have signed him up back in November to do the big Rodeo, but this will do. We are so proud of this kid.

    Below is a video that Micah took. We are still waiting for the video they have (hopefully tonight!).


    12/52 A Weekly Portrait Of My Children

    Ronin, age 6: this week is Ro’s Spring Break. So today we went to the Zoo and had so. much. freaking. fun for a good three hours (and we had Chipotle for lunch!).

    Thurman, age 2: y’all I didn’t realize this till we walked up, but, this was Thurman’s FIRST time at the Zoo and he LOVED it. We’re thinking about getting memberships.


    1/ Morning After -DVSN
    2/ Butterflies -Kacey Musgraves
    3/ Your Song (acoustic) – Rita Ora
    4/ Watch Me – Jaden Smith
    5/ Might Be – Andersen .Paak
    6/ In the Name of Love – Martin Garrix/Bebe Rexha
    7/ Mine remix – Bazzi
    8/ Truth Hurts – Lizzo
    9/ Never Be the Same – Camila Cabello
    10/ Aries (YuGo) – Mike Will Made-It ft Pharrell and Station Wagon P

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