A family event.

Well, originally this post was going to be part 3 of our Palm Springs trip, but then I came across this gem of a photo. I thought to myself, “man, I need to write up a special post about this picture.” I have a lot of “favorite” photos from this trip, but this one is definitely on my top five list. We have some cute photos together throughout the years, but we haven’t been on vacation together, just the three of us, since 1997 (or something like that). Shit.

That’s like…twenty years.

Any ways, I don’t want to get all deep and emotional on this post (I’ll leaved it for next time), but it was amazing experiencing some of these moments with these two amazing humans. We made a promise to go on more family trips together, because that needs to happen more often than not.

I love these two beautiful souls so freaking much, ugh. They both drive me crazy at times, but man, we have been through so much together – just us three, the three amigos. I am so proud to be her daughter and so proud to be his sister.

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