California Dreamin’

Well, I originally had posted like a thousands blog posts (Palm Springs 1-3), but being the crazy person that I am, I deleted them all. Ugh. It was way too clutter-y for me. I know – major eye roll. I can’t help it, though. I just like for MY space to feel clean, and me.

So here I am, exactly a month from our California trip, sharing some of my favorite pictures (and some from instagram). I want to post alllll of these photos from our trip on my IG, but, I don’t want to scare everyone off, or annoy anyone. *sigh* I’m sure I shouldn’t care, but lets be honest, I do slightly care.

Our first part of our trip (which by the way – Micah, my mom, and I all agreed that we should have started off with Disney and ended it with Palm Springs) was in blazing hot Palm Springs. I’m almost positive Ronin and Thurman had the most fun here. We swam a lot (I mean A LOT), at a lot, and slept a lot. We did sneak in some touristy stuff, but we were mainly at the house we snagged through Airbnb (click here to see where we stayed). This house was absolutely perfect for our family of four, my mom, and brother.

When we weren’t swimming, sleeping, and eating – we were being your typical touristy family. We checked out Palm Springs Ariel Tramway, Indian Canyon, and Moorten Botanical Garden. Every site was beautiful, but man, it was so freaking HOT – especially at Indian Canyon and Botanical Garden. I think I (we) might have sweated my life away. The boys did a wonderful job, and honestly didn’t even complain about the heat. The adults were the ones that were really dying.

We didn’t get to REALLY explore Indian Canyon the way we wanted to (lack of water, and some of us (me) weren’t dressed appropriately for a hike) experience, but Micah and I have already talked about visiting Palm Springs again – just the two of us. Plus, we really want to see Joshua Tree and Salvation Mountain the next time we visit.

Most of you, who follow my Instagram page, know that my brother and mom joined us on this trip. Actually, my brother joined us for just the first part – the Palm Springs and one day in Encinitas. It was absolute magic having both of my humans there. I think it had been about 20 years since the last time we all went on a trip together, as a family. It was so nice being able to spend that time together, because we don’t really get to go on vacation together often. *Saving this story for another post*

We did talk about doing this more often, or at least once every 2 years or so. I mean, we’ve even talked about going to Palm Springs again for Christmas of 2018. So we’ll see. I hope that happens. Ronin, though, he had the BEST time with his Uncle Drew (and of course Nini). I mean, slumber party in his room every other night and just swimming all day with him. He was in his own heaven. It’s been awesome to see their relationship flourish these past few years, and I’m excited for that same, but different, relationship to flourish with Thurman and Drew.

On our way to Encinitas we decided to stop at Cabazon Dinosaurs. You know, those huge dinosaurs that almost every single person who stops in or out of Palm Springs takes a picture of?! Yeah, we did it for the gram. *Enter cheesy horn* Of course Ronin had a blast, but his mama, she’s the one who probably enjoyed it the most. If you know me, like really know me, then you know Dino’s are one of my top favorites. This was also NOT my first time here. But, hey, I had to use Ronin as an excuse to see them again – or did I?!

Believe me, I have so many more pictures from all these places, but then this whole post would be nothing but pictures. I literally picked my favorites from all the photos I took. I do wish I had more pictures with my mom and brother, though. I have a ton of them with the kids. I guess that’s what really matters, right?!

We finally made it to Encinitas, to one of the cutest little lofts I had ever seen. It was a little tight whenever my brother stayed the first night, but it was fine after he left. (Sorry, Drew) We stayed for two nights, but had so much fun. The neighborhood (and surrounding beach communities) was so cute, and the people were so nice. We were little 15 minutes from Legoland, too. If you’re ever in Encinitas, you need to stay here. This host was my absolute favorite – she left us salsa and chips! I mean, how could she not be my favorite?! Plus, everything about her home was just welcoming and well, felt homey.

Of course we had to visit the beach right when we got to Encinitas – duh. For some of you who don’t know this (we found out about this term the very first time we took Ronin to California), there’s this term that is thrown around a lot during June – June gloom, or whatever. I mean, it’s so true, though. It was pretty cloudy the whole time that we were by the beach. It kind of made me sad. Especially since this was my moms first time in California and I really wanted her to experience the beauty of the beach. Blah.

Any ways, Saturday we woke up early and headed off to Legoland. I think we were all super excited for this part of the trip, and in a way kind of sad – we were getting close to Disney (aka: close to having to go home). But, we made sure to make every single minute of this trip COUNT. My mom was an absolute godsend during this leg of the trip – Legoland and Disneyland.

Holy smokes! I know we could have done it without her, but her help was so valuable to us.

(this photo is literally one of my favorite family photos of us)

Soooo…yeah, call CPS – I was a semi mean mom (Micah and I were semi mean parents). I’m sure I will get some flack for this, because it seems that some moms (parents) have zero sense of humor and will probably roll their eyes to the back of their heads and gasp at this part. Whatever forever.

We made Ronin go on a rollercoaster. **GASP!!!!!!!!** We made him go on the biggest, fastest rollercoaster Legoland had to offer at their park. Yes, Ronin lost is every living mind, and probably lost some years off his life because he went on it. At the end of it all – he was BRAVE about it. Oh yeah, he also scored some pretty sweet lego sets because he went on said “scary” ride.

(Ronin almost dying)

But, you know, he had a lot of fun. Yes, he was a little shaken up by that ride but he still had a lot of fun and still rode a bunch of rides. He also received his “drives license” at driving school (he rode that ride a billion times). So, you know, he was pretty stoked about that part, too.

I will say this, if you can, purchase the fast pass. That saved us on so much time while we were there, and we were able to ride a bunch of rides several times over because of it.

(look at that smile y’all)

For most of you who are wondering – Thurman did a fabulous job and napped off and on throughout the day. I plan on blogging our experience with him, and sharing WHY we chose to bring a baby with us. Even though, you know – “he won’t ever remember.” That kid had a BLAST.

I know, I know…it doesn’t look like it, but he had a lot of fun – I promise. He’s just sometimes a bit of a mean mugger like his mama. Whoops.

After our VERY long, exhausting (but fun) day at Legoland, we decided we wanted to see the sunset. So we walked to the beach, found a patch of grass, and laid around till the sun started to set. It was fun seeing my mom witness a California sunset, and to experience it with us. Ronin made a video and of course I took a million pictures of everyone. Micah did manage to capture a pretty cutest I photo of Ro and I. I keep telling myself I need to print this photo and frame it.

Oh! Before I forget – before we even went sunset viewing…we met up with some old friends to have some dinner. We ate a some “hole in the wall” joint and had some really good, authentic tacos. HOLY SHIT they were good. After we had tacos, they took us to La Jolla Cove to see all the Seals and Sea Lions.

That was a beautiful thing to witness. I’ve swam with seals before (whenever I visited Peru), and that was such an amazing experience. I got to witness little seal pups nursing on their mamas. Gah, to die for. They were so stinkin’ cute you guys. I could have stayed there all day.

Holy moly I am winded by this post, and I’m sure I may have lost some of you through this novel of a post. So, to spare you all (and myself) from all the boredom, my next post will be about our Disney trip. If you stayed and read all of this – THANK YOU!

PS: I’m sorry for all the stupid grammatical errors and the simple fact that I tend to rant, but you know, I type the way I talk. So, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯!!!!

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