“There’s chaos in everyone’s heart. Some just grow flowers on it, while others tear it apart.” – Fiphie

Loving/ I’m loving this Pavlova that I made today. It was the very first time I’ve ever made it, and I actually knocked it out of the park! I know making meringue is kind of hard, but I managed to perfect it. I think I might post a blog post about it. We’ll see.

Reading/ Again, nothing! What is wrong with me?! I actually have TWO books in my bag so I can read, but I just haven’t picked either of them up. I need to.

Watching/ Grey’s! I know what you’re thinking!? Does she ever watch anything else? The answer is: I DO! I just have a handful of tv series that just make me feel safe whenever I’m feeling down, or when I just need to. Do you have something like that?! Something you like to watch whenever you just need a *pep* in your step?

Thinking about/ All the things that I need to prepare for my class next week and all the things that I need to get prepared for Ronin and Thurman. There’s definitely more that I’m thinking about, but all this is school stuff is my main focus right now.

Surprised by/ How fast life really does move – time moves so freaking fast you guys. Thurman is about to be 18 months on the 23rd and Ronin is starting 1st grade on the 28th! When did all this happen? Now Thurman is showing signs that he may be ready to potty train – what? I literally gave birth to him yesterday!!!!! I’m just so shocked. I’m shocked that I start work again in 2 weeks. Holy wow!

Making me sad/ Everything that is going on in the world RIGHT NOW. That fact that we are dealing with these roaches – white supremacist and nazi’s. So gross! I mean, is this real life? I’m so over hearing people saying, “it’s getting too political.” I’m sorry…what? This is literally domestic terrorism. I’m so over people.

Making me happy/ Pavlova, sushi, macarons, my kids, and my husband. The sun that keeps shining and all the love that I have been receiving from my friends. MY BEST FRIEND GETTING ENGAGED over the weekend! I am so freaking happy for them (for her).

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