“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

Loving/ My new house. Yes, it’s a bit empty (really empty) right now, but we finally have a HOUSE. We finally have 4 bedrooms, a BIG living space, double oven, a nice big backyard, and so on. We have been dreaming about moving into a home for years now, and we are finally here. THAT is what I’m currently loving right now. Having a beautiful home for my boys, my family.

Reading/ Well, shit, nothing. I have a bunch of books hanging out on shelves and in my amazon/barnes cart, but have yet to pick up what I want to start with. I miss reading. I miss reading so much. I think I’ll pick up a book for my flight to California. What are some books you guys like or recommend?

Watching/ Grey’s Anatomy. I tend to watch Grey’s whenever I really miss my best friends, Jaymee and Din, or whenever I’m just feeling sad and confused about some stuff. This time, I’m watching it because I just missed Grey’s (and my best friends).

Thinking about/ All the packing I need to do for our trip to California. We leave on the 20th for California, and we are so freaking excited about it. We really haven’t been on a family trip since Ronin was about 16 month-ish?! Shoot, Micah and I haven’t really been on a trip together in FOREVER. So this will be a nice little getaway. I’m just not excited about the packing part.

Surprised by/ How anxious I am about this trip. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly excited about our trip, but I’m also extremely nervous and anxious. I think I’m more anxious about the flying part with two kids and just traveling with Thurman. I thought I’d be a little bit more relaxed about it, but the closer we get to our trip date, the crazier my heart starts to race.

Making me sad/ All the shootings and hate that continues to run our world. It breaks my heart that you can’t even look at the news without something BAD popping up. Why all the hate? I don’t get it. We need to love our neighbors more. We need to appreciate each other more. We need to hug, laugh, smile more. It breaks my heart that my boys have to grow up around stuff like this. I try to shelter Ronin as much as I can with stuff, but kids just know things. They are so smart.

Making me happy/ Macarons, sunshine, my kids smiling, and my husband. I can’t totally say that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been right now, but I’m working on so many things within myself, and these three little things are currently keeping my heart happy. Oh, and pinning things on my Pinterest boards – home and garden ideas. Gimme alllll the inspos.

What about you guys? What are all of you currently up to?


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