Disneyland forever

“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” -Walt Disney

So it is time…to share with you guys the BEST part of this trip – Disneyland. We went for two days, a total of 22 hours, with two crazy kids, and we all survived. I’m not going to lie, we definitely had some “what were we thinking” moments, but overall, we did not regret bringing both boys on this trip.

They both loved it, in their own individual ways. We loved it. We loved it on a personal level and we loved it because we got to see both our boys really enjoy their time there. Like, REALLY enjoy their time. The giggles and smiles outweighed the random crying, tantrums, being extremely tired, hurt feet, and tired legs.

Not even joking!

Of course the very first character we ran into the second we walked through the gates was good ole Donald Duck, and you guys, I wish you could have heard Ronin’s little squeal. A part of my soul died. He was the happiest kid to have ever exist at that very moment.

After we took some Donald photos we went straight to signing Ro up for his Jedi class. I did some research and noticed that you had to sign up for it as soon as you walked into the park because they would fill up super fast, and they did – we got luck with 2pm.

Most of you know this already, but, my kid wants nothing more than to be standing next to Darth Vader, for the Dark side. Well, it was absolutely earth shattering whenever he had to fight him vs fighting with him. Our crazy kid was seriously the ONLY kid who raised his hand to go on the Dark side (I have video for proof – posted it on my FB page). So many parts of me was proud, and other parts were – “OMG my kid is crazy.”

Any ways, he fought him, and honestly wasn’t too thrilled about that. He was complained having to fight him right when he saw me. Sorry, kiddo.

Again, if you follow my Instagram or read my most recent post, then you already know that my mama joined us on this trip. Yes, we could have totally have done it without her, but we probably would have been a little bit stressed and running around with our heads cut off. Bible. Having my mom there was not only extremely helpful, it was absolute magic for us and our kids (and for her). We made so many memories, and at one point, she stayed with Thurman while he napped and we ran around with Ro.

Ronin really enjoyed having his Nini there with him. Those two rode A LOT of rides together, and laughed uncontrollably. Every year she does something special with Ro – so this added to their memory collection. I’m so thankful that both my boys have that. To be able to make such great memories with BOTH sets of wonderful grandparents.

Of course we saw Mickey, TWICE, on our first day at the park. Ronin was over the moon excited both times, and Thurman…well, he was excited but had his typical “Thurman stern face” in all his pictures. He was actually trying to say “Mickey” while we were there.


Thurman doesn’t watch any TV, but he has seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on our TV every now and then whenever his older brother is watching it. (Just recently will Thurman sit down to watch something – Trolls). I love that he semi recognized him, and was equally excited to see him (and wasn’t scared). That was the last thing I wanted to happen – to witness shear terror form and in return, end up with a crazy screaming baby. He made us proud.

*Insert all the heart eyes* This was after 12-13 hours at the park. We arrived at our Airbnb, ate some dinner, showered, and plopped into bed together. Well, they all ended up in bed together first. We were all so freaking tired by this point, and we are all (the adults) on the same “how are we going to make it through tomorrow” wave. I think we knew we could do it, but we knew we were going to be EXHAUSTED by the time we had to leave for Houston. We went to Disney on Monday, going back to the park Tuesday, and leave for Houston on Wednesday – WHO PLANNED THIS TRIP!?

They are clearly fired for next trip. *Hides face*

I think one of my favorite parts (one of many) was going to Adventureland and witnessing Ro still get giddy over meeting a Princess. I know that he’s only six years old, and that may change once he’s older, but to just witness that innocence and see that he still gets JUST as excited warmed my heart. He was really upset that he didn’t get to see the other princesses, and we told him that next time we come to Disneyland or world, we will make sure to make it happen.

We rode so many rides, even Thurman. I think one of the things Micah and I were nervous about were the lines and whether or not we’d be able to ride the rides we really wanted to ride together. We pretty much rode 90% of the parks rides. There were a few “big” ones we missed, but hey, they should still be there whenever we come back. Ro was a bit suspect of the rollercoasters because of Legoland, but he was a champ for the most part. He even really liked Goofy’s flying school, or whatever it is called.

Shoot! He even loved Space Mountain the day before.

Ro literally ran into so many characters and was not shy about asking for pictures. He told each other what he loved about them, and he even tried to steal Judy from Nick Wilde. Not even kidding, y’all. Mr Steal your girl. I will say, he absolutely lost his every living mind when he say the characters from Zootopia. LOST HIS MIND. Don’t get me wrong, he got excited with the other characters, but with those two – he was screaming and cheesing SO HARD.

You guys, I am so glad that we were able to witness the parade. I was so scared that Ro was going to miss it. My mom and Ro had been in line to meet someone from Guardians of the Galaxy whenever it started. I was running around looking for them like a crazy person. I’m sure people thought I was that mom that accidentally lost their kid. But, the universe works in mysterious ways, and we were able to connect 5 minutes into the parade. I was bummed that he had to miss meeting Caption America, BUT, he didn’t even know he was there at the time. So – PHEW.

Thurman danced and laughed. Ronin screamed, waved at all the characters, and was in absolute Disney heaven. Micah and I, well, I think we were both trying to hold back those “we did it” tears.

Okay, lies, I cried. No shame in my game. I for sure had those tears.

Our tired feet, sleepless nights, tantrum moments = worth it for that exact moment. Time stood freaking still for that parade. Everything moved in slow motion.

I’m so thankful that this woman came with us. That she joined us on this journey and go to soak up her on memories, add onto our kids memory bank (and ours), and help us out with the boys. Ro managed to sucker my mom into carrying him around for a bit. That kid is literally the same size as her. I don’t know how she did it. She pretty much rode every single ride that Ro wanted to ride, and was such a trooper about it. I know she was extremely exhausted by the end of the day, but she slapped a smile on her face and powered through it all. We all did.


I can’t wait for us to go back. I don’t know exactly when we’ll go back, but I’m sure it will happen a lot sooner than later. Disneyland is amazing on the emotions – you are happy, tired, crying, throwing tantrums, happy, laughing, and making memories. No judgment at those parks. That’s how I saw it. Every parent there was there to put a smile on their kids face and make sure their little dreams came true. We were all trying to survive. I loved it.

Till next time Disney…

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