Fun Fact Friday.

I don’t know if this will be some sort of every Friday thing, or if I will just do this once or twice. Shoot, I don’t know if I’ll make a list of facts or just share one, but I thought this could be fun and a good change of pace for my blog. No, Fun Fact Friday won’t only be about me – it will be about other stuff, too. If you want to join and share – comment below, link me, or tag me on Instagram with your fact(s).

1. I’m an extremely awkward in person (whenever we first meet) and in photos (hence the photo I’m sharing with you). You can also throw in me being quiet and shy – which leads to the whole “you’re a stuck up bitch” comments. I’m not always this way, though, promise.

2. I like to dance and sing (even though I’m not the best singer in the world, my kids thing I am), and 1000% think it’s the cure to everything.

3. I have to rub my feet together before falling asleep. It’s either that or I have to snuggle them under Micah’s feet – which he hates. Whoops.

4. I’m stubborn as hell, but also so passive in so many ways it’s insane.

5. I literally could eat my weight in sushi and macarons (some of you already know this, though).

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