Palm Springs pt 2.

    PSA: I know we’re only on part 2 of this vacay series thing but I just need to warn y’all – I have a lot of photos to share from this trip. bare with me. Be patient. I mean…at least it’s a sure thing that I will be blogging a lot for the next few days, or really…weeks.

    Any ways, like I stated in my Palm Springs pt 1 – we did a lot of swimming, napping, and eating…a lot of it. But, we did manage to sneak out a few times to try out different things; it was so much fun and incredibly hot. On the second day that we were in Palm Springs we decided to be super touristy by visiting the Arial Tramway. I don’t have many pictures going up on the tramway but, my brother did capture some awesome footage on his camera – I can’t wait to share that with you.

    Of course I did manage to take some cute photos of Ronin, Thurman, and Micah on the tramway. Micah was a little unsure of the ride (his new “I’m scared of heights” situation), and noticed Ronin slightly felt the same way as his dad. I don’t know what’s going on lately, but they’ve both been “scary” about heights.

    I think one of my favorite pictures from this little journey was the one of my mom and Ro acting like they were falling off the edge. Micah wasn’t a fan, and of course it gave him the chills. Whoops.

    Of course we had to eat and decided to try out Reservoir, and omg you guys – the tacos and spicy jalapeño margarita was SO GOOD. If you’re ever in Palm Springs, you should definitely hit this place up. They have a pretty cool pool/lounge area. Oh, I can’t forget to share this – their chips and queso was also so so good. If you know me, then you know that I’m super picky whenever it comes to chips and queso (or yummy, authentic Mexican food).

    I mean, look at how yummy the chips and queso and margarita looks…now I want some again…

    Palm Springs pt 1.

    The first four days were spent in Palm Springs, and even though it was triple digit hot, it was incredibly pretty out there. We were lucky enough to have my mom for the whole trip, but my brother joined us on our Palm Springs trip – Ronin was in heaven during this part of the trip. Literal heaven.

    All we did in Palm Springs is swim, nap, eat food, and swim some more. The first day we were there it was 121° – too freaking hot for us. But, we survived…barely. We did have a lot of fun, though. I mean we are already talking about celebrating Christmas 2018 there.

    I think Ronin and Thurman loved being in Palm’s the most, though. They literally swam, ate, and napped all freaking day – especially Thurman. I mean, Ro swam a lot, too, but Thurman was a FISH out in that pool. He was a natural – even with the floaties. Micah, my mom, and I were talking about how he loved the water more than Ro at that age. He just knew how to kick and swim – carefree…like his mama. I think it really lit a fire under our asses to put Ronin in a swim team and sign Thurman up for some lessons.

    I think had we let them, they would have just swam and swam and swam. They probably would have just napped out there. Whether it would have been on those layout float things or the long chairs – they would have slept out there. Fortunately for us, they napped pretty well in our bed and allowed their little bodies to rest up.

    Of course we did more than just swim our little lives away, but, that’s for next post…

    We’re back.

    We’re finally back from our eight day vacation in sunny, but not so sunny (June gloom), California. Actually, we got back Wednesday early evening but, we’ve been catching up on sleep and just relaxing. Relaxing from our vacation – how ironic.

    We had a blast. So many memories were made, and I seriously cannot wait to share some stories and all the pictures. I wish I would have videoed more, but ugh, I don’t know why I didn’t. Luckily, my brother was there for the first 4-5 days and he captured some awesome video shots. I brought my Nikon with me, but didn’t use it. *Typical Sybi* Honestly, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve picked up my camera and I just didn’t want to take the chance in messing up some beautiful pictures. *Excuses* I made a promise to myself, a stern promise – YOU HAVE TO kind of promise, to pick up that camera more and practice practice practice.

    I will share this piece of information with you guys – Thurman was the damn devil on our flight going to California. He maybe slept for the first 30-45 minutes and then was crying off and on the whole trip. OMG! So embarrassing. Crazy how different him and Ro are as babies. He was a sweet angel on the way back home, though. But, it’s probably because he was so tired and was starting to get congested the last day we were on the trip – he pretty much slept the whole flight away.

    Hopefully he will be better next time…*says a prayer*