11/52 A Weekly Portrait Of My Children

    Ronin, age 6: our little soccer star. He’s been practicing super hard the past few weeks and finally had his first soccer game this past Sunday.

    Thurman, age 2: he’s been a little stinker lately; terrible twos are here but he’s off the bottle. We’re at 1-1 now haha.


    We’ve finally made it to this part of our life; one of the kids playing a sport. It kind of took us awhile, but we’re here and we’re having so much fun with it. I mean, it’s been a freaking whirlwind and learned lessons but we are having fun.

    Yesterday was Ronin’s first soccer game; it was like watching a bunch of ants running around, crazy mess. But I know the point of this season is for them to learn the rules, know where the lines are and all that fun stuff. Ronin looked so cute out there – one minute he was playing and the next he is skipping across the field. That kid, he’s such a goof.

    Honestly, I think my favorite part of his first game was noticing that he hums/sings while he’s playing or concentrating on a skill. I totally freaked out over it because I did the exact same thing whenever I would play soccer or swim.

    “He gets that from me!!!”

    Life is crazy you guys! It’s insanely cool to witness your kids do things you did (or still do); where it is in sports, doing homework, the way they read, put their shoes on and the list could go on. Being a parent can be really hard, taxing, deflating but it is also so magical.


    10/52 A Weekly Portrait Of My Children

    Ronin, age 6: why does my son look like he’s going off to college now? Also, he finally started soccer practice and loves it so much. He’s also obsessed with saying buttcheeks.

    Thurman, age 2: I swear this kid is Cars obsessed (more than his brother was), and I don’t think he will ever get off of his nap/bedtime bottle – yes he takes a bottle still. Tragedy.