“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

    Loving/ My new house. Yes, it’s a bit empty (really empty) right now, but we finally have a HOUSE. We finally have 4 bedrooms, a BIG living space, double oven, a nice big backyard, and so on. We have been dreaming about moving into a home for years now, and we are finally here. THAT is what I’m currently loving right now. Having a beautiful home for my boys, my family.

    Reading/ Well, shit, nothing. I have a bunch of books hanging out on shelves and in my amazon/barnes cart, but have yet to pick up what I want to start with. I miss reading. I miss reading so much. I think I’ll pick up a book for my flight to California. What are some books you guys like or recommend?

    Watching/ Grey’s Anatomy. I tend to watch Grey’s whenever I really miss my best friends, Jaymee and Din, or whenever I’m just feeling sad and confused about some stuff. This time, I’m watching it because I just missed Grey’s (and my best friends).

    Thinking about/ All the packing I need to do for our trip to California. We leave on the 20th for California, and we are so freaking excited about it. We really haven’t been on a family trip since Ronin was about 16 month-ish?! Shoot, Micah and I haven’t really been on a trip together in FOREVER. So this will be a nice little getaway. I’m just not excited about the packing part.

    Surprised by/ How anxious I am about this trip. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly excited about our trip, but I’m also extremely nervous and anxious. I think I’m more anxious about the flying part with two kids and just traveling with Thurman. I thought I’d be a little bit more relaxed about it, but the closer we get to our trip date, the crazier my heart starts to race.

    Making me sad/ All the shootings and hate that continues to run our world. It breaks my heart that you can’t even look at the news without something BAD popping up. Why all the hate? I don’t get it. We need to love our neighbors more. We need to appreciate each other more. We need to hug, laugh, smile more. It breaks my heart that my boys have to grow up around stuff like this. I try to shelter Ronin as much as I can with stuff, but kids just know things. They are so smart.

    Making me happy/ Macarons, sunshine, my kids smiling, and my husband. I can’t totally say that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been right now, but I’m working on so many things within myself, and these three little things are currently keeping my heart happy. Oh, and pinning things on my Pinterest boards – home and garden ideas. Gimme alllll the inspos.

    What about you guys? What are all of you currently up to?


    Okay – I’m REALLY back this time.

    Your art is not about how many people like your work. Your art is about if you’re heart likes your work, if your soul likes your work. It’s about how honest you are with yourself and you must never trade honesty for reliability.” -Rupi Kaur

    You guys, I seriously cannot stand myself. And I mean that in the nicest way possible, too. I can admit, I am seriously the flakiest person when it comes to blogging – I have been this way for the past…I don’t know?? Maybe Ronin? I either get so wrapped up in my life or worse – I get super wrapped up in myself and comparing MY work with other writers that I throw in the towel with my own work. Stupid, right? I know it’s common to compare and recluse, but it is so sad and honestly… not the way to live your life. We are all made differently; wrapped in magical stardust, hopes, dreams, wishes, and love. We all have a place in this world, and each of us has a powerful voice to share.

    I told myself in the beginning of the new year that I would work on myself – I would allow myself to truly fall into the transparency and vulnerability department. You see, I am unapologetically myself, but I have a real hard time allowing myself to be 100% vulnerable with myself and with the ones I love. I’m a crier, but I rarely allow myself to cry in front of others – even my husband. I have carried a shield in front of my heart and feelings for so many years – kind of like Wonder Woman (kidding, kind of). For so many years I had to be brave. My vulnerability deficiency has caused me to lose “some” friends throughout the years, caused me to push people away, and has caused me to close of my heart to so many who love me and who I love back. My transparency with my feelings can be tied in with my vulnerability – I don’t allow myself to be truly transparent with my feelings because I get this anxiety of being shamed or just feeling embarrassed about it all. Which honestly, it is so weird for me because I am a huge ball of emotion mess – I’m hypersensitive and such an empath. Micah always tells me I’m the biggest softy. *nervously laughs*

    Wow, haha, I’m totally winded and definitely took this post on a completely different route than I planned for. Basically, I’m back. I have so many exciting things I want to share with the ones who actually care, things I just want to keep in a space for me to remember for years to come, and things I want to open up more about because I know one of my journeys in this life is to help others not feel alone. I’m excited to be back, but to really be back. These past few months have been such a whirlwind for me; lessons, finding ways to not drown, coming up for fresh air, and learning to love…ME.

    Welp, we moved!

    Um, well, I came back last month just to disappear again for another – whoops. I honestly forgot how close our move out/in date was whenever I decided to come back to blogging, but, it is what it is, right?! We’ve been crazy busy as of late, and it does’t seem like it’s going to slow down any time soon. *raises white flag*

    Any who, we finally moved into a HOUSE, and we are so freaking over the moon about it. Our house is about double the size of what we were living in before. We have have 4 spacious bedrooms, a double oven in our big kitchen, a nice size family room, your typical formal living/dining room, and the most important thing we want… a nice size backyard for our family. We knew before signing the dotted lines that we would have to put some extra love and care into this house, but that’s what made us so excited about getting it. We currently have rooms that don’t have much furniture, we have some areas that need some love when it comes to paint, light fixture updates are needed and other random little areas, but that’s the fun part when it comes renovating a home, right?! We love our new home & I sincerely can’t wait to show you all the before/afters of our home, and how we do things in the “Miller” home.