Welp, we moved!

Um, well, I came back last month just to disappear again for another – whoops. I honestly forgot how close our move out/in date was whenever I decided to come back to blogging, but, it is what it is, right?! We’ve been crazy busy as of late, and it does’t seem like it’s going to slow down any time soon. *raises white flag*

Any who, we finally moved into a HOUSE, and we are so freaking over the moon about it. Our house is about double the size of what we were living in before. We have have 4 spacious bedrooms, a double oven in our big kitchen, a nice size family room, your typical formal living/dining room, and the most important thing we want… a nice size backyard for our family. We knew before signing the dotted lines that we would have to put some extra love and care into this house, but that’s what made us so excited about getting it. We currently have rooms that don’t have much furniture, we have some areas that need some love when it comes to paint, light fixture updates are needed and other random little areas, but that’s the fun part when it comes renovating a home, right?! We love our new home & I sincerely can’t wait to show you all the before/afters of our home, and how we do things in the “Miller” home.

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